Fluidinfo: The VisionΒΆ

Let’s create an online storage system in which there is a place for information about everything—everything that exists, everything that could exist, and everything that can be imagined.

Let’s make it so that anyone can store any information they like, about anything they like, in any digital form they like.

Let’s make it easy to find information in this system, and to extract it, by baking in a query language that’s so simple that even real people might use it.

Rather than trying to force people to visit a particular website, or use particular tools or languages to interact with the system, let’s make the system a first-class internet citizen by exposing all its functionality through HTTP (and only through HTTP). Rather than dictating how it be used, let’s let anyone access it through any HTTP-enabled technology.

Finally, let’s make the system social, in the sense of making it easy for people to share information, either with everyone, or just with particular nominated individuals, but let’s make the permissions system rich enough to make it equally easy to keep information private; and let’s extend this permissions to govern the writing of data as well as reading.

Fluidinfo is a realisation of this visionary system. It exists. You can use it, today.

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